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Anti-Graffiti / Litter
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The City of San Jose’s Anti-Litter Program offers assistance to the residents of San José. Our vision is to create a litter free and cleaner San José. Our mission is to assist the City of San José’s Environmental Services Department (ESD) in improving the health of the City’s environment by preventing and removing trash through Community Education and Engagement.The community involvement component offers volunteers and local businesses with opportunities to learn more about the issues and the opportunity to engage in eradication of litter.

Shed Program for Service Groups

The Shed Program is in place to offer large service groups with volunteer opportunities to assist in litter abatement. Litter materials are offered to entire group members.  Staff will also provide training and can identify appropriate clean up areas for service groups. If you have questions or like to sign up for the Shed Program then please call the Anti-Litter Program Main Office at (408) 975-7233.

Offices are located at 1661 Senter Rd., Building G, Room 10, San José, Ca. 95112.Volunteers must call for an appointment to pick up supplies.  Supplies can be picked up  Monday – Thursday: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Friday:8 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 



Eradication is primarily accomplished by Graffiti Protective Coatings, Inc. (GPC), a private contractor hired by the City to eradicate the graffiti. We rely upon the public to report graffiti. One can report graffiti for abatement by downloading the APP, San Jose Clean, to generate a work order or you can call the hotline number at 1-866-249-0543 or send an e-mail to  for graffiti clean up.

Anti Graffiti Volunteer Opportunities

The Anti Graffiti Program recruits new volunteers to assist with graffiti abatement. We provide possible clean up locations or you can adopt your own neighborhood. The Anti Graffiti Kit contains safety gear,chemical gloves, safety glasses, and 8 oz bottle of solvent, sponge,and rags. If you need to learn more information regarding the Program please call the Anti Graffiti Program Office at (408) 975-7233.

Offices are located at 1661 Senter Road, Building G. San Jose Ca 95112
Volunteers must call for an appointment to pick up supplies.
Supplies can be picked up Monday- Thursday: 8am- 3pm. Friday: 8am- Noon.
Main office phone number: (408) 975-7233

Graffiti Eradication

The City of San Jose is under contract with Graffiti Protective Services(GPC) a private company hired to do graffiti abatement. One can report graffiti by downloading and utilizing the San Jose Clean APP, by e-mail to or by calling the 24 hour hotline # 1-866-249-0543.

Anti Graffiti and Litter Program Presentations

Anti Graffiti and Litter Program staff provides awareness presentation’s that includes discussion on litter and graffiti, services and resources offer by the Anti Graffiti and Litter Program, and awareness on the negative effects to the community. Presentation also includes information on possible consequences of doing graffiti, an overview oft he graffiti restitution program and a description of the law enforcement and Anti Graffiti and Litter Program efforts to suppress the issues.


Current volunteers, log-in here to report hours
  • AT&T
  • Amtrak
  • CalTrain
  • CalTrans
  • County of Santa Clara
  • Department of Transportation
  • Environmental Services Department
  • PG&E
  • SJPD
  • Sheriff’s Dept.
  • USPS
  • VTA
My San José Mobile Phone App

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Partner Agencies to Report Graffiti
  • CalTrans property
  • Code Enforcement: (issues such as abandoned properties):
    (408) 535-7770
  • Illegal dumping, please call:
    (408) 535-3500
  • Union Pacific: (888) 877-7267 or VTA: (408) 321-5800
New On-Line Reporting for Graffiti Abatement.

Follow the link to the online reporting system.

*Please provide an accurate address on reported graffiti.