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Is There Value in Counting the Number of Trail Users?
Absolutely, after completion of the first Trail Count in 2007, staff was able to accomplish the following:
  • Secured grant from the State of California for $700,000 awarded for construction of the Guadalupe River Trail (Woz Way to Virginia Street). State representatives reported that the Trail Count Fact Sheet influenced the grant panel’s decision to award the grant.
  • In discussing a $350,000 grant application, State of California (Caltrans) staff said that the Trail Count Fact Sheet data about commuting was impressive and wished other agencies gathered similar data.
  • The City coordinated with sponsors of the San José Grand Prix to minimize impacts from event closures along the Guadalupe River Trail. The Trail Count Fact Sheet helped to document the negative impact of such closures to bicycle commuting.
  • The City received a $150,000 grant from the Bay Area Ridge Trail for Penitencia Creek Trail and $123,000 from the State of California for Guadalupe River Trail enhancements. Both applications included the Trail Count Fact Sheet.

Trail Count 2008 data supported efforts to secure $1,377,000 in grant funding.