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East San José MTIP
The East San José Multimodal Transportation Improvement Plan (ESJ MTIP) is a community-driven transportation plan to bring together and build on past planning efforts, reflect the priorities of this culturally diverse neighborhood, and define a path forward for implementing multimodal transportation improvements within the study area.

East San José includes six planed Urban Villages, a planned BART station, operating Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), many other operating transit routes, trails, freeways, and bike and pedestrians networks and gaps. With all of these transportation options and development plans, East San José is quickly becoming a regional multimodal transportation hub. 

For more information about this plan, contact Peter Rice at .

Plan Area

Map of the project area

Next Steps

 March 2019  April - June 2019 September - October 2019 Janurary - February 2020
Pop-up workshops and survey - what matters most?
 Community meetings, survey - project ideas Project priorities - where to invest Final Plan - how to implement improvements