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The City of San José currently offers a choice of six medical insurance plans:
  • Kaiser Permanente $25 Co-pay HMO
  • Kaiser Permanente $1,500 Deductible HMO
  • Kaiser Permanente HSA Qualified $3000 Deductible HMO
  • Sutter Health Plus $20 Co-pay
  • Sutter Health Plus $1,500 Deductible Plan
  • Blue Shield $100 PPO

A Health In-Lieu plan is available for employees with alternate group medical coverage.  For more information, see the details in the Health In Lieu Plan Document.

Employee and City contribution amounts are subject to change each year in January in accordance with contract renewals. Employee contributions toward monthly premiums are determined by the applicable Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for each bargaining unit or the Benefit and Compensation Summary.  See rate sheets below. 

To see a side by side comparison of our offered plans, see the Health Plan Comparison.

Kaiser Resources and Plan Information
Phone: (800) 464-4000

Understanding Preventive Care
Kaiser Permanente HIPAA Privacy Notice

$25 Copay HMO 
Group #887     
            Plan Summary
            Summary of Benefits and Coverage - Northern California
$1,500 Deductible Plan Group #887     
            Plan Summary
            Summary of Benefits and Coverage - Northern California
            Paying For Care- Understanding the $1500 Deductible Plan

$3,000 Deductible Plan Group #887     
            Plan Summary
            Summary of Benefits and Coverage - Northern California
            Kaiser HSA Brochure

As of January 1, 2015, Kaiser Permanente began to automatically track medical and pharmacy services to the annual Out-of-Pocket maximum for members.  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires the accumulation of all services that are subject to cost sharing for both HMO and Deductible HMO plans and, as a result of this new reporting requirement, Kaiser members may start to receive a Letter of Accumulation (LOA). Instructions on how to understand the statement are provided below, along with a sample view of the format of the letter.

How to Read the Statement of Accumulation
Sample Statement of Accumulation    

Sutter Health Plus Resources and Plan Information
Phone: (855) 315-5800

Sutter Health Plus HIPAA Privacy Notice

$20 HMO Copay
Group #777000
Plan Summary

$1,500 Deductible Group #777000
Plan Summary

VIDEO-Sutter Health Plus Presentation

Sutter Health Plus Presentation PowerPoint
Sutter Health Plus Coverage Map
Step-by-Step Guide to Finding a SHP Doctor
Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Shield Resources and Plan Information
Phone: (800) 872-3941

Blue Shield HIPAA Privacy Notice

$100 Deductible PPO Group #W0051445
            Summary of Benefits and Coverage
    How the PPO Plan Works

All full-time and part-time benefited employees may enroll themselves and their eligible dependents in one of the City’s medical plans.

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For information about the City's medical plans, email Human Resources - Employee Benefits at

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