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San Josè's employee wellness initiativeIntroduction
The City of San José strives to provide employees with a positive, educational, and supportive environment, which provides a framework allowing individuals to live healthy, happy, and productive lives at work and in their private life at home. We encourage employees to take advantage of our wellness program and its resources.

There are four commonly accepted determinants of good health:
  • Access to appropriate utilization of quality healthcare services
  • Environmental stresses
  • Human physiology
  • Lifestyle choices

Good health can be preserved. And compromised or declining health can be improved through the appropriate application of wellness information, services and products.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices
By emphasizing healthy lifestyle choices, providing information on a variety of topics, and offering a range of services designed to meet the employee’s wellness needs, we strive to foster a work environment where employees are empowered to achieve their maximum level of wellness and engagement.

Physical Health
True physical health is the result of regular exercise, good nutrition, and sufficient rest for physical recovery. Achieving optimal health, and staying healthy, is an on-going and challenging process. Wellness program activities are in place to help you obtain physical health throughout every stage. Programs and services range from traditional Western medical practices to alternative medicine, and from prevention to chronic disease management.

Our offerings include weight management and nutrition; exercise; smoking cessation; ergonomic safety at work; diabetes management; and more.

Mental Health
Stress, psychological functioning, life-cycle changes, and other factors greatly influence our overall well-being and ability to participate in regular, routine life and work activities. Good mental health is demonstrated by individuals who are capable of dealing with normal levels of stress, are able to maintain fulfilling relationships, lead an independent life, and manage to recover from difficult circumstances.

For those individuals who may struggle with mental health challenges, our wellness support includes classroom seminars on stress management for home or work; clinical support for coping with lifecycle changes; work-site interpersonal communication courses; telephonic or face-to-face counseling and more.

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