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2019 Council Reports
Housing Department Reports
The following links below contain reports relating to affordable housing issues in San José from City Council (CC) meetings and Council Committee meetings, including: Rules (Rules); Community & Economic Development (CED); Neighborhood Services & Education (NSE); Public Safety, Finance & Strategic Support (PSFSS); and Transportation and Environment (T&E). For access to Council reports prior to the memos in the archive below, please contact the City Clerk's Office at (408) 535-1260.

If you have questions on a Council memo listed below, click on the specific memo of interest and the contact information can be found in the memorandum on the signature page.

Public Hearing on the Affordable Housing Impact Fee or Inclusionary Housing Ordinance Exempted Projects Report
Date  Source Subject
 8/13/19 CC  Amendment to the Agreement with David Paul Rosen & Associates for Consultant Services Pertaining to Affordable Housing Development -- Agreement 
 8/13/19 CC Issuance of Tax-Exempt Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds and Loan of Bond Proceeds Thereof for the Lenzen Square Apartments Project
 8/13/19 CC Actions Related to Title 5 of the San José Municipal Code for the Housing Payment Equality Ordinance (Replacement Memo) -- Ordinance
 8/8/19 NSE  Homelessness and Housing Insecurity Among Families with Children (verbal report) 
6/25/19  CC  Moderate-Income Housing Strategy Update Including a Forgivable Loan Program to Incentivize Homeowners to Build Accessory Dwelling Units
 6/24/19 CED Update on City Council Policy Priority #21: Impact Fee Deferred Payment Program for Housing 
6/13/19 NSE  Update on Safe Parking Pilot Program -- Attachment 
6/13/19  NSE  Verbal Report on Demand for Affordable Housing for Families with Children 
 Recommendation to defer to 6/25/19

CC  Moderate-Income Housing Strategy
6/11/19  CC  Final Public Hearing and Approval of the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Annual
Action Plan

 6/11/19 CC  Approval of 2019-2020 Operating and Capital Budgets for the City of San José and Schedule of Fees and Charges 
6/11/19 CC PP19-028 - QUARTERLY UPDATE - Amendment to Title 20 (Zoning
Ordinance or Zoning Code) of the San José Municipal Code

6/11/19  CC PP18-092 - Council Policy Priority #10: Safe Parking Program -
Amendments to Title 20 of the San José Municipal Code to Revise the
Required Setback in Safe Parking Provisions

6/4/19  CC  Potential 2020 Ballot Measures - Affordable Housing and Homelessness 
5/21/19  CC Actions Related to the Income Limits and Rents on a Portion of the Markham Plaza I Apartments 
5/20/19  CED  Moderate-Income Housing Strategy
 5/14/19  CC Public Hearing on the 2019-2020 Annual Action Plan for the Use of the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development -- Attachment
Deferred to
 September 2019
CC Ellis Act Re-Control Provisions
4/30/19   CC Public Hearing on Affordable Housing Impact Fee or the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance Exempted Projects Report
4/22/19  CED  City Council Policy Priority #6: Development of a Soft Story Retrofit Program 
Report out
from CEDC
CC  Affordable Housing Investment Plan
3/26/19  CC  Amendment to the Destination: Home SV for the Employment Initiative and Homelessness Prevention System 
3/26/19  CC  Actions Related to the Funding Award to LifeMoves to Expand the Safe Parking Pilot Program to Two City-Owned Sites 
3/26/19  CC  Support for the 2020 Moving to Work Annual Plan 
3/25/19 CED Affordable Housing Investment Plan
3/19/19  CC  Housing Crisis Workplan
3/19/19  CC  Annual Progress Report on the Implementation of the San Jose General Plan Housing Element and the Housing Successor to the Redevelopment Agency Annual Report 
3/14/19  NSE  Report on the Pilot Safe Parking Program
 3/12/19 CC Council Policy Priority #12: Commercial Linkage Fee Scope and Timeline
2/26/19  CC  Amendment to Title 20 (The Zoning Ordinance) of the San Jose Municipal Code to Add Safe Parking as a New Enumerated Use
2/26/19  CC  Agreement with the Santa Clara Valley Water District for Encampment Abatement and Revised Encampment Abatement Procedures - Revised Memo
2/26/19  CC  Approval of an Additional General Plan Hearing for Publicly Funded Affordable Housing Projects 
2/26/19  CC  Amendment to Title 20 (The Zoning Ordinance) of the San Jose Municipal Code to Add Co-Living Facilities as a New Use in Downtown
 2/25/19 CED  Housing Crisis Workplan
2/12/19  CC Report on Feasibility of Deferring Both the Business Tax License and Residential Occupancy and Apartment Rent Ordinance Fees Paid by Landlords Impacted by the Federal Shutdown Tenant Eviction Moratorium
2/12/19  CC  Substantial Amendment to the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Annual Action Plan - Resolution
2/5/19  CC TEFRA Hearing for California Statewide Communities Development Authority's Issuance of Tax-Exempt Multifamily Revenue Bonds to Acquire And Rehabilitate the Valley Palms Apartments - Resolution
2/5/19 CC TEFRA Hearing for California Statewide Communities Development Authority's Issuance of Tax-Exempt Multifamily Revenue Bonds to Acquire and Rehabilitate the Parkside Terrace Apartments - Resolution 
2/5/19  CC Rent Stabilization Program Implementation Update - Attachment 
2/5/19 CC Actions Related to the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Grant for the Balbach Street, Page Street, and Roosevelt Park Sites
2/5/19  CC Actions Related to the Loan Commitment to Charities Housing Development Corporation of Santa Clara for Development of Page Street Apartments Located at 329-353 Page Street - Resolution
 2/5/19 CC Actions Related to the Loan Commitment to First Community Housing for Development of Roosevelt Park Apartments Located at 21 North 21st Street(a) Resolution - (b) Resolution
2/5/19  CC Actions Related to the Loan Commitment to Satellite Affordable Housing Associates for Development of an Affordable Apartment Community Located at 226 Balbach Street - Resolution 
1/24/19  CC  Special Meeting: Federal Shutdown: Tenant Protection Moratorium
1/8/19 CC  Planned Development Rezoning and Planned Development Permit for Real Property Located on the East Side of Evans Lane approximately 170 feet Northerly of Canoas Garden Avenue at 0 Evans Lane

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