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Heritage Trees
A heritage tree may be found on public or private property and has special significance to the community due to its history, girth, height, species, or unique quality.

Tree List
The City of San José heritage tree list was adopted by the City Council in order to provide official recognition and protection of these trees. The list of heritage trees is updated periodically to add new trees to the list or remove those that have died or were removed because of important safety concerns. Check out the Heritage Tree Map!

Pruning / Removal Fines
Once heritage trees have been designated by the City Council, these trees have a higher level of protection from harmful illegal pruning or removal. Violation can result in a citation and fine of up to $10,000, which can increase for repeated violations up to $30,000.

Therefore any pruning of heritage trees needs to be done in consultation with the city arborist to insure that the work performed on or around the tree will not endanger its health, structure, or life.