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The Materials Recovery Facility
The Materials Recovery Facility uses technology to sort the paper, plastic, cans, and glass collected at curbside in San José. A system of belts, screens, electromagnets, and blasts of air separate paper, plastics, glass, aluminum, and other materials.

Help protect workers' health and safety
In addition to the technology at this facility, workers help separate materials by hand. Remembering to correctly dispose of your recyclables helps protect these workers' health and safety: please do not place needles, chemicals, or propane tanks in the recycling cart.

Most of the sorted materials are made into big blocks called bales before being sold as resources for new products.

Check out the video below (or via GreenWaste's site) to see one of San José’s Material Recovery Facilities - the GreenWaste Facility - in action! 


Interested in visiting and touring a Materials Recovery Facility? California Waste Solution’s Facility offers tours for youth and adults. Request a tour by e-mailing .