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Airport Noise Advisory Committee
This committee is no longer active
It was combined with the Airport Commission in May 2013.

11 Members - No Term Limits

RESPONSIBILITIES: The Airport Noise Advisory Committee (ANAC) serves as an advisory body to the City Council and the Director of Aviation regarding Airport noise related issues and provides a public forum for Airport noise related issues, policies and decisions. The Committee monitors intrusion information on a quarterly basis and issues an annual report to the City Council reviewing curfew intrusions and airline compliance with the Airport Noise Control Program. And lastly, the Committee reviews the City’s Airport public information program and noise complaint procedures.

MEMBERSHIP: The Airport Noise Advisory Committee consists of the following members: one Airport Commissioner, who serves as the Chair; two Citizen Representatives who reside in the City of San Jose; one Citizen Representative who resides in the City of Santa Clara; one City of Santa Clara Planner; one City of San Jose Planning Commission Member; one City of Santa Clara Councilperson; one Airline Representative; one Airman’s Association Representative; one Air Transport Association Representative; and one Business Representative. All representatives on the Committee serve for an indefinite term at the pleasure of the City Council.

RELATIONSHIPS: The City Council is the final decision-making body. The Commission acts as advisors to the City Council. .

MEETINGS AND COMPENSATION: The Airport Noise Advisory Committee will meet quarterly at 1701 Airport Blvd, Suite B-1130. There is no compensation for serving on this Committee.

POLITICAL REFORM ACT: The Conflicts of Interest section of the Political Reform Act applies to the PRC; however, Commission members are not required to file a Statement of Economic Interests.

APPOINTMENT PROCESS: All applications received will be submitted to the Rules Committee of the City Council for review and recommendations. Applications will be forwarded to the City Attorney for review as to potential conflicts of interest. The City Council makes the final appointments to the Committee based upon the Rules Committee recommendations.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Board Members are expected to attend all Commission meetings. San Jose Municipal Code Section 2.08.060 specifies that a Board Member or Commissioner, who hasunexcused absences from any three consecutive regular meetings, or 20% of the meetings in a calendar year, is deemed to have resigned from the Board or Commission.

For further information about the Committee, please contact Rosalyn France at (408) 392-3508.