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Department of Transportation
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Residential Permit Parking
Residential Permit Parking (RPP) zones have been established in various neighborhoods to limit the intrusion of vehicles from outside the neighborhood. Due to prior program reductions, the City has only had resources to support existing zones with the issuance and renewal of permits.

In response to concerns about past and potential higher-density development, a limited RPP program was initiated to develop guidelines to address excessive local demand. Excessive local demand is a situation in which the parking shortage is caused by a neighborhood’s own parking demand.

The limited RPP program is funded through June 2018, with the priority to implement the Council approved RPP zones for the Cadillac, Lynhaven, Via Monte, Hoffman, and West Berryessa neighborhoods, respectively in that order. Beyond the five approved zones and their monitoring, and adjustment if needed, the City will evaluate the interest and need for continuation of the program beyond June 2018.

  New RPP Zone RPP Application Letter  
                              Cadillac  English | Spanish                                     
 Lynhaven  English | Spanish  
 Via Monte  English | Spanish  
 Hoffman  English | Spanish  
 West Berryessa  TBA  

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Obtain a Permit

To obtain a parking permit you must live in, own residential property, or operate a business in a parking permit zone. Generally this means that your residence or business must be located on the same side of the street and block face where permit parking signs are posted.
                                        Residential Permit Parking Application                                               
  Aplicacion de Permiso de Estacionmiento Residencial  
  Tenant Verification Form  

You may obtain a permit in person or by mail. To reduce wait time when obtaining a permit in person, download and complete the application for the zone you live in prior to visiting us. Please read the entire application instructions and note that you will need to provide the required documents specified on the application prior to obtaining a permit. Bring your completed application and necessary documents to the Department of Transportation, located in the City Hall Tower, Eighth Floor, 200 East Santa Clara Street.

If you do not wish to apply in person, you may mail your application with copies of the required documents to: 

 Residential Permit Parking
Department of Transportation
200 E. Santa Clara Street
San Jose, California 95113 


Upon receipt of a completed application, we will process and mail the requested permits back to you.

Special Permits

  • Single Use Permits - Temporary single use permits are available for short-term special events, such as birthday parties. Not to exceed seventy-two (72) hours. 
  • Special Use Permits - Valid for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days, can be issued to contractors that are actively working on a property within an RPP zone. 

If you are unsure as to whether your residence or business is in a permit zone, or would like to discuss other specific permit needs, please contact us at (408) 535-3850 or email .