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2013 Pride of San José Honorees

2013 Pride of San José Honorees Recognized at the 2014 State of the City

Mayor Chuck Reed recognized recipients of 2013 Pride of San José Awards, along with honorees from each of the Council Districts, at the 2014 State of the City that will take place on the evening of Feb. 20 at the San José Convention Center. The Pride of San José honorees represent the highest level of public service and commitment to the City of San José and its residents. Honorees are chosen by the City Manager from nominations submitted by Department Directors and other Council Appointees.

City Manager Ed Shikada selected the following seven teams for the 2013 Pride of San José awards based upon the Employee Values of Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Collaboration, Respect and Celebration. Below you will find all of the honorees listed along with the project descriptions.

Emergency Response Team to the Airport Waterline Break & Terminal Closure

Emergency Response Team to the Airport Waterline Break and Terminal ClosureAt 2:00 am on December 16, a major hot water pipe in the Airport’s Terminal A failed. Significant flooding damaged the passenger ticketing, baggage, and security areas and required closing the terminal.  Staff from the Airport, Fire and Police Departments responded immediately and found work-around solutions to contain the damage, relocate passenger operations, and start the clean up – all while continuing to provide excellent customer service and minimizing disruptions to scheduled flights.  The Airport was able to begin reopening critical facilities later that day, and by the following morning, all services were available to passengers with little evidence of the previous day’s flooding.

Team members: Adolfo Acosta, Aida Ballou, Amador Castillo, Andrew Wong, Ashwin Naidu, Bob Lockhart, Bob Pal, Bob Swensen, Bonnie Cromartie, Carla Mehrkens, Carlos Avila, Carlos Valencia, Cheryl Marcell, Christine Seadler, Claudia Molina, Connie Aparicio-Yanez, Corrie Konatsu, Curt Eikerman, Danielle Ross, Danny Vong, Darleen Yamaki, Darrell Gutierrez, Dennis Dellamonica, Dennis Towne, Dimitria Machado, Dirk Chubbic, Dominic Rincon, Elias Juric, Elsa Jacobo, Enrique Marquez, Frank Ramos, Graydon Carr, Hoang Do, Ian Cooley, Ian Hogg, Irv Tosk, James McBrayer, Jane Perez, Janet Kuang, Jason Cook, Jay Lamper, Jeff Miller, Jeffrey Montoya, Jesus Licea, Jill Ferrante, Joanna Acuna, John Aitken, John Francisco, John Miranda, Karen Cocanour, Karla Enany, Kathy Hausler, Kevin Spinks, Kim Becker Aguirre, Kim Lingenfelter, Kim Swinkels, Kristy Tricoli, Lanie Prestosa, Laura Luu, Lila Leath, Llorente LaCap, Lorrie Moreno, Louise Lee, Lysee Moyaert, Marc Taylor, Marco Monzon, Marie Bamba, Mark Papko, Mark Smith, Mary Soo, Mat Walsh, Michael Aliki, Michael Glazer, Michael Lutticken, Michael Mulhern, Michael Perea, Mikaela Rojas, Mike Beltramo, Mike Foresee, Mike Scaglione, Morris Ridgeway, Nader Kharazi, Navdeep Sandhu, Nhon Duong, Noriel Reginaldo, Ozzie Albini, Patrick Crowley, Patrick Panzica, Patrick Tonna, Paula Jones, Pete Herzog, Peter Romero, Prem Chand, Rajive Narayan, Ramiro Garcia, Ramon Sanchez, Ravi Parimanam, Ray Ortiz, Rebekah Bray, Reggie Vergara, Robert Dale, Robert Harris, Robert Lozano, Roberto Plamenco, Roger Herbert, Ron Dale Black, Rosalyn France, Rosario Mendoza, Rosemary Barnes, Ryan Sheelen, Sandra Oberle, Scott Riddle, Sergio Farias, Seth Turner, Sgt. Brandon Sanchez, Sgt. Christina Anaya, Sgt. Eric Phan, Sgt. Keith Cottrell, Stephanie Lau, Steve Hung, Sylvia Kang, Sylvia Trejo, Tanya Cole, Tara Dariano, Terri Gomes, Tess Diaz, Theresa Garcia, Tim Duffy, Timothy Burke, Timothy Golden, Tom Vizcay, Toni Hatfield, Tori Dellicarpini, Traci Jamieson, Tracy Bryant, Troy Murraym, Valerie Timoteo, Vicki Day, Victor Gubatina, Victor Perez, William Tang

Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services Volunteer Management Team

Parks Recreation and Neighborhood Services Volunteer Management TeamThe Volunteer Management Team helps enhance the city’s parks, trails, and open space by engaging enthusiastic volunteers from businesses like Yahoo!, Walmart, SAP, NVidia, Google, eBay and Deloitte, as well as a number of different neighborhood groups and community organizations. The team coordinates a wide variety of volunteer projects, such as: building picnic areas and structures for shade; maintaining trails; and trimming roses at the Rose Garden. In 2013, the team supported 93 major volunteer events and 82 Adopt-a-Park volunteers working on 60 different parks and trails. Together, volunteers provided more than 21,000 hours of donated time with an estimated value of more than $500,000 dollars.

Team members: 
Albert Rodriguez, Alex Pearson, Andre Morrow, Brandon Casper, Cindy Rebhan, Dave Arroyo, Duane Lindsay, Jaime Ruiz, Joe Corrales, John Dixon, Lori Jones, Mike Will, Mollie Tobias, Nicholas Reed, Paul Formico, Peggy Rudd, Rick Aning, Robert Calcagno, Steve Hammack, Tony De Anda, Troy Trede

San José McEnery Convention Center Expansion & Renovation Project Delivery Team

San Jose McEnery Convention Center Expansion and Renovation Project Delivery TeamLast September, the City completed the $130 million renovation and expansion of San José McEnery Convention Center-- on time and on budget. Funded by San Jose hotels, the project added nearly 170,000 square feet of new convention space, including flexible meeting space and this Grand Ballroom, a new utility system, wickedly fast Wi-Fi throughout, and a total renovation of the industrial kitchen.  This design-build project was particularly challenging because it was directly adjacent to major hotels, and because the convention center continued to operate throughout the two years of construction. Yet the team developed and implemented successful strategies to avoid disturbing events or neighbors, and found innovative ways to use project savings to increase project scope while staying within a very tight budget.

Team members: Arion Jones, Armand Nascimento, Ben Gonzalez, Bob Rohrig, Dale Burrious, Harry Freitas, James Dowgialo, José Zacarias, Ken Drew, Les Page, Mary Rubin, Matt O'Brien, Paul Marino, Preciado Ignacio, Ray Simpson, Ron Cruz, Scott Arnold, Shashi Naik, Tony Andary, Vijay Sammeta

San José Minimum Wage Ordinance 

San Jose Minimum Wage Ordinance San Jose’s voter-approved Minimum Wage Ordinance took effect on March 11, 2013 and now requires San José employers to pay a minimum of $10.15 per hour.  Starting from scratch and with no budget, City staff had to develop a new program and communicate the details to employers and employees throughout the community. Within 90 days of the final results of the election, the interdepartmental team developed the necessary regulations and complaint procedures, created a wide array of informational resources, and conducted extensive public outreach in cooperation with business, labor, and community groups.  Despite the short lead time, the minimum wage program launch was a success and has been operating smoothly ever since.

Team members: Astra Kredel, Christopher Hickey, Danielle Kenealey, David Vossbrink, Dhez Woodworth, Ed Moran, Helia Sousa, John Lang, Kim Walesh, Lenka Wright, Michael Bills, Nina Grayson, Rita Tasi, Toni Taber, Vera Todorov, Wendy Sollazzi

Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Team

Sanitary Sewer Maintenance TeamThis Department of Transportation team is responsible for maintaining a complex system that includes 2,275 miles of sewer pipes, 16 pump stations, and 45,000 manholes.  In response to state and federal regulatory requirements, the Team has focused on implementing a 3-year plan that has already reduced the number and severity of sanitary sewer overflows by an impressive 24%.  While the standard response time had been within 4 hours, they are now responding to most problems within 30 minutes. And as a result of this amazing teamwork and innovation, the amount of sewage spilled into our waterways has fallen from 13,000 gallons to just 400 gallons. 

Team members: Alan Cardona, Albert Garcia, Anjali Athavale, Armando Avila, Benjamin Schmidt, Bill Avila, Brandon Chow, Brian Lacey, Brian Pezzulich, Buddy Grimm, Carlos Gonzalez, Damon Ovalle, Daniel Rhodes, David Barba, David Lara, David Raposo, David Rios, Davis Meleen, Dennis Harris, Derrick Mazzola, Eric Brignani, Eric Colbert, Ernest Contreras, Florentino Mendoza, Francisco Alcazar, Francisco Nieves, Frank Perez, Gary Roberts, Gary Ross, George Cruz, George Dwyer, George Osuna, Grant Huffstetler, Gregory Dominguez, Guillermo Velazquez, Irene Dyke, Ivan Munoz, Jaime Pimentel, James Timoteo, Jason Hernandez, Jeb Welsh, Jeff Daniels, Jesse Alvarez, Jesse Perez, Jesse Sepulveda, Jesus Ibanez, Joe Ordunez, John Angel, John Flores, John Robles, Jonathan Arroyo, José Corona, José Guerra, José Ortiz, Jovita Vasquez, Kelly Noble, Kent Lister, Louie Anaya, Lupe Fuentez, Manuel Medina, Marc Estensen, Mark Trujillo, Mathew Norris, Mel Gonzalez, Michael Garrens, Michael Mclaughlin, Miguel Jimenez, Miguel Lozano, Mike Carney, Mike Franco, Mike Pease, Mike Richardson, Moses Arroyo, Paolo Cervantes, Paul Tobar, Paul Whited, Pedro Colin, Phil Lee, Ray Ho, Robert Calibozo, Robert Martinez, Robert Parker, Rodney Lucero, Roger Jesus, Ron Morimoto, Ruben Burgueno, Sal Esparza, Salvatore LaRosa, Sam Anzaldua Jr., Sam Koosha, Santiago Corona, Jr., Santos Armendariz, Sharyn Evanich, Stephen Finley, Steve Maldonado, Tammy Mordwinow, Teresa Quijance, Tina Kojima, Tom Valenzuela, Vince Cummings

Small Business Portal (Your Business Coaching Center)

Small Business Portal (Your Business Coaching Center)This inter-departmental, inter-agency, public/private partnership developed a comprehensive, one-stop web portal that offers clear, consistent, and convenient information for small businesses needing development permits.   “Your Business Coaching Center” takes the mystery out of the City’s permitting and inspection processes. It provides users with step-by-step instructions, forms, and coaching resources. By cutting red tape without cutting corners, this new website helps small businesses get to the finish line sooner to create jobs, stay in compliance, and strengthen our economy. With funding from the Small Business Administration, the project successfully launched by targeting local restaurants and is now serving 11 businesses per day.

Team members: Alex Rojas, Annie Esget, Astra Kredel, B.J. Sims, Cara Douglas, Carrie Rank, Chris Burton, Chu Chang, Curtis Jacobson, Heidi Geiger, Huey Dang, Jeannie Hamilton, Jeff Ruster, Jeremy Goldberg, John Lang, Joseph Horwedel, Juan Borrelli, Kathryn Sedwick, Lance Willis, Laurel Prevetti, Leland Wilcox, Lenka Wright, Maria Angeles, Minna Holopainen, Ray Simpson, Ron Estrada, Susan Walsh, Tina Kapoor, Tom Sims, Vijay Sammeta, Wendy Sollazzi

“WickedlyFastWiFi” Project Team

WickedlyFastWiFi Project TeamIn 2004, San José became one of the first large cities to implement free wireless access in downtown hot spots. But by 2012, the old network was failing to meet the needs of the community. Through the creative and innovative efforts of the Information Technology, Purchasing and Transportation Departments, the City orchestrated a unique public/private partnership to implement a state-of-the art network with minimal investment of City resources and staff.  In March 2013, the City launched “WickedlyFast WiFi” with leading-edge Silicon Valley technology developed by its private sector partners, Ruckus Wireless and SmartWave Technologies.  Now deployed downtown, at the Airport and throughout the Convention Center, the branded system is a critical element for economic development, and has helped set a new national standard for outdoor WiFi systems.

Team members: Amanda Le, Cara Douglas, Danny Vong, Ed Kim, Ho Nguyen, James Castillo, Jason Pan, Ken Salvail, Lenka Wright, Mark Giovannetti, Vijay Sammeta, Wil Chak