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Samaritan Medical Center Master Plan Project
The approximately 13-acre project site is a portion of the larger Samaritan Medical Center campus. The project site consists of two physical areas. There are multiple file numbers and permits associated with the project, as given below. Approval of these projects will require the preparation and certification of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

General Plan Amendment File No. GP15-014 and Planned Development Zoning File No. PDC15-028
Development of up to 360,000 square feet of commercial space and parking structures.

2577 Samaritan Drive

Planned Development Zoning File No. PDC15-029 and Planned Development Permit File No. PD14-013
Development of up to 115,250 square feet of commercial/medical space and parking structures.

2506 Samaritan Court

Project Documents

Note: Only comment letters received during the Notice of Preparation circulation period are included in the Draft EIR. Comment letters received prior to or after the Notice of Preparation period are included as part of the public record for the project.