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TRAIL COUNT: Annual count and survey of San José Trail users
Fact Sheets and Summary Reports
What is Trail Count? 
Trail Count is a 1-day effort every September to count and survey trail users. Trail Count data has supported a 1) Trail Closure Process to limit the number and duration of closings, 2) provided compelling data for competitive grant writing, and 3) demonstrated that trails meet the needs of recreational and active transportation users.

Here's what we've learned from 10 years of counting: Decade in Review 10-Year Report 

Find current and past Trail Count data below:
Trail Count 2017 - Fact Sheet  Summary Report NEW
Trail Count 2016 - Fact Sheet  Summary Report 
Trail Count 2015 - Fact Sheet  Summary Report  
Trail Count 2014 - Fact Sheet  Summary Report 
Trail Count 2013 - Fact Sheet  No 2013 Report 
Trail Count 2012 - Fact Sheet  Summary Report 
Trail Count 2011 - Fact Sheet  Summary Report 
Trail Count 2010 - Fact Sheet  No 2010 Report
Trail Count 2009 - Fact Sheet  Summary Report 
Trail Count 2008 - Fact Sheet  Summary Report 
Trail Count 2007 - Fact Sheet  No 2007 Report 

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