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Jan 14

Heritage Tree Profile - Max Watson Eucalyptus

Posted on January 14, 2019 at 11:38 AM by Colin Heyne

Max Watson Eucalyptus

Sometimes the significance of something really speaks for itself. This month we have an amazing Heritage Tree Profile that definitely has earned its place as one of the City’s 
trees of special significance within the urban canopy of San José. This massive Eucalyptus punctata, or grey gum, was planted in the 1960s by Max Watson, an arborist known for his particular interest in ornamental varieties of Eucalyptus that could adapt to Northern California climate. Mr. Watson was particularly active in planting eucalyptus groves throughout the South bay and Peninsula regions of the San Francisco Bay Area. Some notable locations where you can find large eucalyptus groves planted by Watson are at Vasona County Park and UC Santa Cruz Arboretum. This grand specimen stands at the northwest edge of the parking lot across the street from the Blossom Hill Caltrain Station. For more information about grey gums, check out the Australian Government’s Euclid Website. 

Max Watson Eucalyptus location