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Sep 14

Planting New Trees During a Drought

Posted on September 14, 2018 at 8:56 AM by Riley Knight

watering trees

There is a common misconception that we sh
ould not plant trees during a drought because it is not a responsible use of our water. In reality, this is short sighted: trees can be responsibly planted and maintained during drought as the average tree requires only 10-15 gallons of water per week even during the hottest months of the year and even less in the cooler months. This increased usage can be easily offset by taking one less shower, by flushing the toilet a few less times or by replacing a small 2’x2’ piece of lawn/turf with a treeIn a few short years, the tree will require little to no supplemental watering and provide significant ongoing benefits. These benefits include energy and water savingscarbon and pollution capture, and increased property values. With California receiving only seasonal rains and having a cyclical drought pattern, it is critical that we are always investing in the planting new trees and growing our urban forest. To learn more about the benefits of trees during a drought you can read this article from California ReLeaf.