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Oct 10

Tree Installation - Site Prep

Posted on October 10, 2018 at 7:14 AM by Riley Knight

Before you plant your tree, please consider these suggestions. 

  1. Identify the species of tree you wish to plant. 
  2. Identify planting locations that have adequate space for your tree when it reaches maturity. 
  3. Weigh the benefits and drawbacks for each location and pick the best location for the desired species. 
  4. Call Underground Service Alert (USA) to help identify any underground utilities in the area where you intend to plant. 
  5. Identify possible ways to irrigate the tree for at least the first two years. 
  6. The City of San José requires residents to obtain a permit to plant street trees.
  7. Allow 2-4 hours preparation time to gather materials/supplies and 2-4 hours to plant. 
  8. Here are some tools and safety items you should gather before getting started:  site prep
  9. Clear heavy brush and grass from planting site 
  10. Consider pre-digging where compacted soils exist 
  11. Purchase and plant your new tree(s) 

Check back weekly for more detailed instruction on tree planting.