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What is LEAP?

LEAP is Local Energy Assurance Plan.

A Local Energy Assurance Plan (LEAP) is a plan to strengthen local planning, resiliency and hazard impact mitigation efforts in the event of an energy emergency. The City of San José’s LEAP will compile and update existing information into an operational energy assurance plan for critical facilities.

The Plan will provide an understanding of:

City response actions in the event of a major energy disruption;

Investments needed to make energy systems more resilient and less vulnerable;

City critical facility energy demands and actions necessary to extend resources through the use of alternative energy sources and energy efficiency;

What is energy assurance? Energy assurance is the ability to supply energy when and where it is needed. There are three basic categories of energy assurance: planning, response and education. What is mitigation? Mitigation is an action plan that will lessen the impact in the event of a disaster or energy disruption. What is resiliency? Resiliency is a community's ability to effectively manage disasters and energy disruptions and to recover from an emergency quickly. All energy systems have vulnerabilities and are prone to periodic outages or supply disruptions. Identifying the vulnerabilities and working to strengthen them builds resiliency into the energy supply chain system and will minimize the duration of outages and disruptions. What is vulnerability? Vulnerability is a point of weakness in the energy supply chain. Why do we need a LEAP in San José?

The City of San José is subject to various potential disasters (e.g. floods, storms, earthquakes and fires) that could threaten the energy supply chain. A LEAP organizes the City of San Jose’s response so that in the event of a disaster or energy disruption steps will be taken to minimize the negative impact on the community.

What is critical infrastructure? Critical infrastructure is comprised of the energy systems, people and resources that are responsible for the delivery of energy. When the critical infrastructure is damaged by a disaster it can have a cascading effect on the entire community. Protecting and strengthening the critical infrastructure is a primary goal of LEAP. What agencies are involved with the City of San José’s LEAP? The City of San José Environmental Services Department leads an interdepartmental LEAP working group and works collaboratively with the Public Technology Institute with the intent of identifying vulnerabilities and strengths and developing plans to build a more reliable and robust energy delivery system. Who is funding the San José’s LEAP? In April 2010, the U.S. Department of Energy awarded the City of San José with a grant to develop a LEAP under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). San José, along with 42 other cities and towns in 25 states, received money to develop new LEAPs or improve existing LEAPs. When will the LEAP be complete? The City of San José LEAP is scheduled to be completed by the end of November 2012.

Who can I contact for more information about LEAP? For general information about local energy assurance planning please visit

For information about the City of San José’s LEAP, call Julie Benabente, Energy Officer, at (408) 975-2537 or contact via email.

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