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Residential Recycling Guide & What to Recycle Reference Sheet

  1. Select language preference and quantity. For quantities greater than 3, please call Recycle Plus Customer Service at (408) 535-3500. Property managers or owners of apartments or condominium complexes should contact GreenTeam of San Jose at (408) 282-4400 to order What to Recycle Reference Sheets and Recycling Guides in bulk.

  2. The free City of San José Recycling Guide is a booklet that includes a poster of what’s recyclable, proper setout instructions, complete details of program services, and important phone numbers. To order yours in English, Spanish or Vietnamese, use this online form.

  3. Recycling Guide

  4. You can also order the free What to Recycle Reference Sheet, an 8 1/2 x 11 inch two-sided poster. Hang it on your refrigerator or inside lid of your recycling cart as a reminder of what goes where.

  5. What to Recycle Reference Sheet

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