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Mindfulness Monday: Daily Recommendations for Recreation

Take a breath, share some gratitude, care for your inner self today.

  • Date: 05/11/2020 (all day)

The Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services will be providing recommended activities to do within the comfort of your home through the Virtual Recreation Center.

Mindfulness Monday Activities

Mindfulness means being present, aware of your actions, and not feeling overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around you. Here's some recommended activities related to mindfulness:

 Link to Activities  Description
Gratitude Scavenger Hunt This Gratitude Scavenger Hunt is perfect for kids and adults to find little things to be thankful for. Use this scavenger hunt as a spring bucket list, a class project, or a fun family activity.
7 Strength, Balance and Flexibility Exercises for Older Adults (introductory level)  7 Strength, Balance and Flexibility Exercises for Older Adults (beginner level)
Mindfulness during COVID-19 Effects of practicing mindfulness during COVID-19. Tips on calming anxiety during a difficult time.
Origami Lungs  Create and inflate your own origami lungs.
HHPZ Meet and Greet wit Raj  Meet Raj the the blue tongued skink at Happy Hollow Park and Zoo.

Share what you're learning and how you’re having fun at home by tagging our Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #FlattenTheCurveSJ. We appreciate your input on ways we can keep growing this page!

We all have a duty to stop the spread of coronavirus by staying at home. Thank you for doing your part to keep our community safe. Let's continue to build community through fun during shelter-in-place!

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