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Saturday Shenanigans: Daily Recommendations for Recreation

It's the weekend! Shake it up or shake it out with workouts, magic, and more!

  • Date: 07/04/2020  (all day)

The Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services will be providing recommended activities to do within the comfort of your home through the Virtual Recreation Center.

Bold stripes, bright stars, brave hearts: Happy 4th of July!

Saturday Shenanigans Activities

 Link to Activities  Description
Fourth of July Buttermilk Pie Classic American buttermilk pie, fancied up a bit with red, white, and blue (raspberries, whipped cream, and blueberries).
Patriotic Fruit Kabobs

To create an American flag, thread about 6 blueberries on 4-5 of your skewers, followed by alternating cake and strawberry pieces. Start with cake (just below the blueberries) and end with a strawberry.


On 5-7 additional skewers, alternate cake and strawberries, making sure as you go that the fruit and cake align on your skewers to create stripes. The number of skewers you need will depend on the size of flag you want to create.


Arrange the skewers on a plate or serving tray to resemble an American flag.

Shaving Cream Fireworks These Shaving Cream Fireworks paintings were just as fun to make as they are to display!
Rocket Launcher
Make July 4th even more exciting with a rocket launching competition in the backyard! This DIY is super simple and only requires a few cups and rubber bands.

Share what you're learning and how you’re having fun at home by tagging our Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #FlattenTheCurveSJ. We appreciate your input on ways we can keep growing this page!

We all have a duty to stop the spread of coronavirus by staying at home. Thank you for doing your part to keep our community safe. Let's continue to build community through fun during shelter-in-place!

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