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PG&E’s Photovoltaic (PV) Site Analysis and System Sizing

Stock Photo of a Hispanic Woman Doing a Business PresentationCost: Free; Breakfast and lunch will be served

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This full-day training will help attendees to understand the specific issues associated with PV site analysis and system sizing. PG&E’s Basics of PV for Grid-Tied Applications class is a prerequisite for this class. This class will not cover PV technologies and applications, costs and incentives, net metering basics, etc. The objective of this course is to assist attendees in evaluating the technical feasibility of a potential PV project by presenting implementation issues that affect site selection and PV installation, while providing participants with simple tools for preliminary system size estimations. Attendees will form groups and collaboratively work on a real-world system project, from site assessment through design to final bid. This class is intended for architects, contractors, energy consultants, real estate professionals, residential builders, and PV designers.

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