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PG&E’s Basics of Photovoltaic Systems for Grid-Tied Applications

EE TeacherCost: Free; Breakfast and lunch will be served

Link: Register Here

This full-day training teaches the basic vocabulary, technical details, and economic concepts necessary to understand and evaluate grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) projects from a project manager's and/or owner's perspective. The instructor will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various PV technologies, including module efficiencies and their implications on the space requirements of a project, along with an overview of criteria for selecting a solar site, PV installation options, and PV system costs and incentives (state and federal). The class will focus on residential-sized systems but will also discuss larger options. Please note this class is designed as an introductory class for anyone interested in understanding the basic concepts of PV project evaluation. It is not a hands-on installation class or a PV design/engineering class. This class is intended for architects, contractors, real estate professionals, HERS raters, solar/PV designers, and residential builders.

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