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The Hetch-Hetchy Trail is located in north San José and is envisioned as a cross-town link between the Guadalupe River and Coyote Creek trails.


The Hetch-Hetchy Trail runs over the City of San Francisco's Hetch-Hetchy Aqueduct in north San José. The developed portion of the trail runs through a business park setting, much of it through parking lots. There are several street crossings along the route. With further development, the Hetch-Hetchy Trail has the potential to connect the Coyote Creek Trail with the Lower Guadalupe River Trail.


  • 0.5 mile (2,640') currently.
  • 1.7 mile (8,670') when fully developed.


Planning Documents

There are no studies or master plans prepared for this trail system.


The trail is not designated as part of a state or national trail system.

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