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ESD Extra: Muni Offers Water – and Money – Saving Tips to Residents

Post Date:05/11/2020 2:57 PM

Water Conservation AndersonAs the weather begins to warm for spring and summer, and with more people spending time at home during shelter-in-place orders in the Bay Area, San José Municipal Water is sharing tips on how to conserve water at home at

In the past six years, customers have already lowered water usage by 22 percent. San José Municipal Water is offering tips to help residents keep up the good work in every part of the house with plumbing – indoors and outdoors – with a goal of saving at least 1,500 gallons of water per home per month. The lower water usages will translate to savings on monthly water bills, but also has a more important side effect of lowering the overall water usage in the region ensuring the City has plenty of clean drinking water.

Residents support in saving water is especially important this spring and summer as more than 60 percent of the state is again experiencing abnormally dry conditions, with San José listed as having moderate drought conditions this week, according to the California Drought Early Warning System ( After an average rainfall season in 2018-19 (rain seasons run from October to September), to date San José has received 7.46 inches of rain as of March compared to 16 inches at this time last year, based on data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s precipitation summaries.

"With the limited rainfall and more people at home using water, conservation is an important tool to ensure we continue to meet water demands, keep our water supply sustainable, and reach our Climate Smart San José goals,” Pedro Hernandez, a supervisor environmental service specialist for Water Resources. “Residents should embrace our California Climate by trying to reduce their water usage indoors and outdoors by following a few simple tips. Irrigating less and turning off the water when not using it are two simple and effective ways to save water—and money."

San José Municipal Water conservation tips include waiting to run the dishwasher or wash clothes until you have a full load; turning off water while brushing teeth or shaving; and adjusting irrigation timers on rainy days. Find more tips at

San José Municipal Water Customers can register for Home Water Reports at


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