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Iris Chang Park: Quality Places Are Investments in People

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Post Date:05/15/2020 12:00 PM

Quality places are at the forefront of community building as was evident with the grand opening of Iris Chang Park and the renovation of Welch Park's neighborhood center. From North San José to East Foothills, PRNS is taking care of what we have and investing in the future.  

"Parks are the fabric of our community. They provide both active and passive recreation," said Nicolle Burnham, PRNS deputy director.

Hundreds of people from the River Oaks neighborhood and throughout the Bay Area attended the opening of Iris Chang Park on November 9, the City's 207th park. The park honors the North San José resident and world-renowned author of the bestseller, "The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II." 


Iris Chang

Photo from Mercury News courtesy of Jimmy Estimada

PRNS parks and facilities help shape community identity by honoring history and fostering strong neighborhood ties through the sharing of stories, connections and experiences. When PRNS set out to renovate Welch Park's neighborhood center, it was seeking to invest in a an entire community. 

"Welch Park has had its ups and downs but seeing the change and how the City is interested in Welch brings a lot of optimism for neighbors," said Nino Tran, a Welch Park neighbor for 25 years. 

The renovated center is staffed by Evergreen Community Center who offers programs and services such as summer camps, dance classes, sports leagues and host park activators to bring neighbors together. It serves as a model for rebuilding communities through parks befitting of the PRNS mission: connecting people through parks, recreation and neighborhood services. 

Rehabilitation of existing facilities and construction of new park spaces are funded by impact fees, Construction & Conveyance Taxes, and grants, bringing essential infrastructure to neighborhoods in the form of parks, trails and centers. 

PRNS celebrated the grand opening of Iris Chang Park, the city's 207th park, on November 9, 2019. The Park's namesake honors the late Iris Chang, San José resident and world-renowned author and activist

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