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FLASH REPORT #104 - COVID-19 Mitigation and Response

Post Date:05/20/2020 4:00 PM

The following is information about the City of San José’s response to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and reduce the number of people infected.  

City of San José
Emergency Operations Center  

Rosario Neaves, Director of Communications/EPIO: 210-823-3908
City of San José Media Line: 408-535-7777
City of San José Customer Contact Center: 3-1-1 (408-535-3500)


Updates on City of San José Services and/or Operations

  • City Manager Update to City Council: City Manager Dave Sykes presented an update to the City Council on Tuesday, May 19, regarding the City’s response to COVID-19 in Item 3.1. View the entire presentation on the City’s YouTube Channel. Dave and officials from the City’s emergency operations center discussed efforts to expand testing and tracing of COVID-19 cases, the City’s road to financial recovery, and progress in supporting development in the city. 
  • COVID-19 Testing in San José: Officials from the City of San José and County of Santa Clara, in partnership with Verily, hosted a press conference today to announce that free COVID-19 testing is now available for all residents, asymptomatic or otherwise, at PAL Stadium in East San José and the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. Testing sites are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at both locations and residents will need to schedule an appointment to get tested. To be eligible for testing, residents must be 18 years or older, and electronically sign a COVID-19 Public Health Authorization Form and Lab Consent. Read the press release or watch the press conference for more information.   
  • City Council Special Meeting on Proposed Budget: On Thursday, May 21, the San José City Council will host a special meeting for a public hearing on the 2020-2021 Proposed Operating and Capital Budgets, the 2021-2025 Proposed Five-Year Capital Improvement Program, and the 2020-2021 Proposed Fees and Charges Report. The virtual meeting will start at 1:30 p.m. Councilmembers will teleconference from remote locations. The public can watch the meeting on the City’s YouTube Channel. To make public comment during the meeting, email Additional instructions for public comment are posted in the meeting agenda. 
  • Changes to Temporary Eviction Moratorium: The City Council made several amendments to the temporary eviction moratorium yesterday. These changes are effective immediately. Anyone with questions about the temporary eviction moratorium may contact the San José Housing Department at or 408-975-4480. 
    • The eviction moratorium now runs through June 30, 2020. 
    • Affected tenants who accrue unpaid rent during the eviction moratorium have until December 31, 2020, to pay back at least 50% of the unpaid rent. Affected tenants have until June 30, 2021, to pay back the remainder of their unpaid rent that accrued during the eviction moratorium. These dates are subject to change if the City Council extends the eviction moratorium beyond June 30. 
    • Affected tenants and landlords may negotiate their own repayment plans. This is voluntary. Before a repayment plan is signed, the landlord must provide the tenant with a written notice of their rights under the eviction moratorium related to repayment of past due rent. The Housing Department will make this written notice available for download by May 22 at
    • Retaliation or harassment against affected tenants who invoke their rights under the eviction moratorium is prohibited. 
    • If a landlord serves a tenant with a termination notice while the eviction moratorium is in effect, the tenant has seven days to notify the landlord that the tenant’s income has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
    • Landlords may not charge affected tenants any penalties, fees or interest on unpaid rent that accrues during the eviction moratorium.
  • Senior Nutrition Program Sites Closed on Memorial Day: With the Memorial Day closure of San José Senior Nutrition Program (SNP) sites, a limited number of boxed shelf stable meals will be offered on Friday, May 22 during regular curb-side service. To receive a box of shelf stable meals for the Holiday weekend, individuals must meet the same eligibility criteria as the SNP. They will have to provide their SNP number or First and Last Name and Zip Code. The shelf stable meal box will be available on a first come, first serve basis. For more information, visit
  • San Jose Public Library Conversation Clubs Go Virtual: San Jose Public Library’s (SJPL) first-ever Virtual English Language Learner (ELL) Conversation Club began last week and attracted nearly a dozen participants. This virtual program will be piloted for 3-weeks on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. by the Santa Teresa Branch Library and Saturdays at 11:30 a.m. by the Pearl Avenue Branch Library. The pilot will run through June 6 and data collected during this pilot will help determine how a virtual program can best meet the needs of our community’s English Language Learners, best practices for training, supporting volunteers, and how the virtual program can support English Learners even after in-person programs resume. Check out this complete list of upcoming ELL programs at the library. 
  • Public Service Announcement (PSA): MyLinh Pham, CEO of Asian American Center of Santa Clara County, thanks San José residents for staying at home and keeping the community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. She encourages residents in need of financial assistance to call 311 or visit the City’s Virtual Local Assistance Center. Watch the video on the City’s YouTube channel. 

Local Updates

  • Shelter in Place Kits Support County Residents: Local businesses and community volunteers have come together to produce Shelter in Place (SHIP) Kits, providing medical, nutritional, and emotional support for Santa Clara County residents negatively impacted by COVID-19. Kits include non-perishable food items, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, games, and other items, depending on availability. SHIP Kits are targeted to families in need with children ages 6 to 12 and hourly-wage earners. Kit components are sourced from the local economy, when possible. Residents can sign up for a kit or learn how to volunteer or donate at the SHIP Kits website

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A person’s risk for COVID-19 is not related to race, ethnicity or culture. City employees must abide by the Discrimination and Harassment policy, and treat colleagues and members of the public with courtesy and respect. Discrimination and/or Harassment of any kind is a violation of the policies and will not be tolerated.  




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