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Balloon Tennis

Kids still need to get the wiggles out, and being stuck indoors doing school work can mean a ton of unused energy. If your kids seem like they are climbing the walls, then try this easy and cheap balloon tennis game.
Post Date:05/21/2020 5:40 PM

Gather necessary equipment including quantity:BALLOON TENNIS

  • 2 pieces of balloon
  • 2 paper plates
  • Tape
  • 2 popsicle sticks/ anything that can be taped to a paper plate and used as a handle

Step-by-Step instructions:

  1. Have the kids decorate paper plates
  2. Tape the popsicle stick to the paper plate to create your "racket"
  3. Blow up your balloons (two balloons should suffice.)
  4. Create your tennis court. Put tape down in the middle of where you are playing so there is less chance of arguing about whose side the balloon landed on!
  5. The game is easy and fun to play. Whoever is able to keep the balloon in the air wins the match.


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