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The Grocery Game

The Grocery Game is a highly engaging math activity that provides your children with a hands-on way to practice counting money.

To play, players take turns picking food cards to fill up their grocery bags. Every card has a price, so players must pay for each item by counting out the correct amount of money from their "wallets." Once all players have filled their bags, they all count their money to see who has the most left.
Post Date:05/21/2020 5:45 PM

Gather necessary equipment including quantity:

  • Game Print Out: 1 game mat for each player & 1 set of grocery cards
  • Play dollars and coins

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Give each player a game mat and $10 in money (6 dollar bills, 10 quarters, 10 dimes, and 8 nickels, and 10 pennies).
  2. Shuffle the grocery cards and spread them out face-down on the table.
  3. Decide who will go first.
  4. The first player turns over a card and decides whether to keep it or pass. (Keep: Pay for the item using the money in your wallet and put the card on the correct spot on your game mat. Pass: Return the card to the table.)
  5. If you cannot use the card because that bag on your mat is full, you must pass.
  6. Next player's turn.
  7. Keep playing until everyone’s grocery bags are full. The player with the most money left over is the winner.

Coupon Cards: There are 2 coupon cards in the deck. If you find one, keep it until your next turn and subtract the amount from the price of your next food purchase.


  • Assign one player to be the “banker” so players can trade in their dollars for more coins if needed or to make change.
  • Post a coin reference chart to remind all players of each coin's value.
  • As soon as each player has filled their bags, it’s time to count money and find out who won.
  • Use only whole and half dollar amounts to make it easier or odd money amounts to make it harder.
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