June 11, 2020  

Media Contact: 

Nora Ramirez, Office of Mayor Liccardo, 661.330.5142, 

San José, Calif. – Today Mayor Sam Liccardo announced that the proposal to ban the use of rubber bullets by the San Jose Police Department for crowd control has moved forward.  

 “As we move from protest to progress, we must take immediate steps to ensure that future civil demonstrations will keep the safety of protestors and police at the forefront,” said Mayor Sam Liccardo. “Banning rubber bullets, which are hard to control and can cause severe damage, will protect those righteously and peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights and keep options for police to deal with those who seek to only break the law.”  

The proposal, which is also signed by Vice Mayor Chappie Jones, Councilmember Raul Peralez, Councilmember Lan Diep, and Councilmember Magdalena Carrasco, also directs  the Independent Police Auditor (IPA) to create an avenue for those attending protests in San Jose from May 29th through June 4th to report injuries at the hands of police. The IPA must come back to Council by August 2020 with a special report on the quantity and type of complaints received.   

“Our goal is true reform, which starts with a full review of our use of force policies and will look at every aspect of policing and inequity in our community because safety from police violence is a civil right and peaceful protestors should be able to have their voices heard without the fear of injury,” concluded Mayor Liccardo.   


About the City of San José 

With more than one million residents, San José is one of the most diverse large cities in the United States and is Northern California’s largest city and the 10th largest city in the nation. San José’s transformation into a global innovation center has resulted in one of the largest concentrations of technology companies and expertise in the world. In 2011, the City adopted Envision San José 2040, a long-term growth plan that sets forth a vision and a comprehensive road map to guide the City’s anticipated growth through the year 2040.