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San Jose major construction projects - May 2020 update report

Despite COVID-19, pipeline is encouraging

Post Date:06/18/2020 4:23 PM

Every few months, San Jose's Office of Economic Development issues a list of key development projects which have the greatest impact towards fulfilling our city goals and objectives for housing development, employment development and retention, and catalytic placemaking. 

This update is the first since the City responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by sheltering in place, March 15, 2020.  Although time has been lost on the progress of some of the projects, because virtually all construction was halted for many weeks, the development prospect is encouraging.

This list does not list every one of the projects under review, approved, or under construction, but it does reflect 20,194 residential units, 2.7 million square feet of commercial retail space, 30 million square feet of commercial office space, and 2,600 hotel rooms. Of this, the City's Planning Department is currently reviewing permits for 8,956 residential units, 649,241 square feet of commercial retail space, 17 million square feet of commercial office, and 739 hotel rooms. 

Although a few projects have been withdrawn and removed from this list, several more have been submitted between February and May, and the major projects list includes 102 key, ongoing  projects.

Three new large office projects have been submitted for Planning Review: Santana West Phase II (376,000 sf), Parcel III of the Peery Arrillaga project at Brokaw Road (1.29M sf), and KT Urban's project at 279 Woz Way (1.8M sf).

japantown mixed useTwo of the recently submitted projects are a combination of traditional developments with community performance/practice space: the Japantown Mixed Use project at 653 North 7th St with 5,540 sf of gallery space, 8,913 sf of music practice space, and 65 residential units as well as the San Jose Stage/ Home 2 Hotel project at 490 South 1st St with a 22,102-square foot theatre combined with a 144 room hotel.

Also between February and May, nine projects, reflecting 1,830 residential units, 238,000 sf of commercial retail, and 213,500 sf of commercial office, have kicked off pre-construction permit review with Building and Public Works and staff is focused on supporting these projects through to groundbreaking. 

April and May were uncertain months for construction, but we were happy to see all of our major projects resume construction in May. However, Platform 16 has unfortunately announced that once they complete the foundation shoring this summer that they will be pausing construction until they have a tenant secured for the site. Currently under construction are 4,131 residential units, 1.3 million sf of commercial retail space, 8.2 million sf of office space, and 665 hotel rooms. For more information on  development projects, email Emily Lipoma, Development Facilitation Officer, Office of Economic Development.

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