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Unsung Heroes: Week of June 22

Post Date:06/25/2020 9:30 AM

Unsung Heroes – Public Works Fleet Management

The Public Works Fleet Management Division is led by Deputy Director, Walter Lin and Interim Fleet Manager, David Mesa. The Fleet Management division never stopped operations when the shelter in place order was announced March 17, 2020.

The team of 44 highly skilled members at eight facilities: Airport, Mabury Yard, Police Garage, Police Substation, Central Service Yard, South Yard, West Yard, and Regional Wastewater Facility remained open to provide strategic support to partner departments during this global pandemic. All City departments, which include Fleet’s essential customers, Police department, Fire department, Department of Transportation, Parks Recreational and Neighborhood Services, Housing, and Environmental Services Department heavily rely on the Fleet team to ensure vehicles are operational so they can provide essential services to the community.

In addition to the Fleet staff working at their assigned facilities, there are currently 12 employees that have been activated in the EOC. They serve various roles in the EOC Logistics branch including managing the 213RR requests, food deliveries, managing the vehicles for the Countywide Food Distribution Program, managing Police vehicle decontamination, managing and distribution of PPE, fueling of the Kelley Park shelter site, and helping with procurement of different contracts.

Public Works Unsung Heroes 1

The Fleet Management Division continues to keep the Preventative Maintenance schedule up to date and has adapted new Disinfection Process to their daily routine to keep their partner departments and themselves safe. The Fleet Management Division is very grateful to be continuing these services, supporting their colleagues, and the residents of San Jose.

Public Works Unsung Heroes 2 

Thank you to Walter Lin, David Mesa, Steven Brasil, Nora Howard, Wilfredo Upod, Jason Santos, Hector Romo, Fernando Pereira, Hector Munguia, Wilson Laciste, Daniel Katrib, Carlos Grijalva, David Esquivel, Paulo Dutra, Rafael Candelas, Dan Camera, Sonia Arce, Joey Amaya, Victor Ocanas, Mathew Caldwell, Eduardo Carranza, Enrique Galindo, Eric Johnson, Joe Mara, Gary Probert, Stacy Williams, Ty Yago, Stephen Brazil, Michael Lin, Vito Maletta, Enrique Mendez, Joseph Mendez, Laurence Brown, Jose Medina, Oswaldo Villalobos, Roberto Romo, Melvin Harden, Johnny Jimenez, Frank Matos, Michael Landeros, Dionell Rafanan, Mario Razo, Daryl Fowler, Robert Canario, Rafael Gonzales, Steve Soares, Eric Wong, Joel Cavinta, Daniel Teixeira, Mike Arlia, Kurt Maltman, Jonathan Pham, Lori Scheibley and all of the other staff involved in these efforts!

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