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Development-related activities continue in multiple City departments during Shelter in Place

Post Date:06/30/2020 12:00 PM

Even while we're away from City Hall, working remotely, many department staffers are hard at work on a variety of policy initiatives. Several departments and divisions have development-related outreach scheduled or anticipated for this summer and below is a collection of much of this work. We encourage you to participate and share insights. For questions, or if a meeting hasn't yet been scheduled, feel free to contact the associated staff contact. 

Additionally, updates on Planning Department community meetings and news are available on the Planning Community Meeting Calendar, and there's the opportunity to sign up for email updates. Planning Department news and events are also posted online as are agendas for the Developers Roundtable

Airport: Construction Crane Policy Study

Introduction of a proposed policy to govern the use of construction cranes in the greater downtown area to minimize impacts on the airport. 

Outreach Meetings: July 10th, 8:00-9:00 & August 14th Developer's Roundtable 

Staff Contact: Ryan Sheelan 

Housing: Inclusionary Housing Ordinance

Discussion of the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance, specifically to evaluate financing impacts, incentivize density in small projects, and encouragement of innovative partnerships by exploring minimum contributions to off-site developments.

Outreach meetings not currently scheduled, but anticipated to be held between July and August.

Work is anticipated to be presented to Council in November.

Staff Contact: Tina Vo

Fire: Firefighting Breathing Air Systems Ordinance

Discussion of proposed changes to the Firefighting Breathing Air Systems Ordinance.

Outreach meeting not currently scheduled, but anticipated to be held in July.

Work is anticipated to be presented to the Public Safety, Finance, & Strategic Support Committee in August.

Staff Contact: Assistant Fire Chief Reggie Williams

Planning Department Projects

Billboard Phase II Scoping Meeting    

Meeting to discuss modifications to the sign ordinance. 

Outreach meeting to be held July 13th.

Staff Contact: Aparna Ankola

Urban Village/High Density Residential Zoning Districts

Meeting to discuss modification to the zoning ordinance for the urban village and high density residential zoning districts.

Outreach meeting is not currently scheduled, but anticipated to be held this summer.

Staff Contact: Brent Carvalho

Cannabis Land Use Update

Meeting to discuss updates to cannabis land use.

Meeting is not currently scheduled, but anticipated to be held this summer.

Citywide Design Guidelines

Meeting to discuss the proposed update to the Commercial, Residential and Industrial Design Guidelines. The work excludes single-family residential, Downtown, Diridon Station Area Plan, North San Jose, Approved Urban Villages and Specific Plans prior to City Council Approval dates of guidelines.

Outreach meetings will be held mid July, and two Planning Commission Study Sessions will be held (July 8th and July 22nd). The Design Guidelines will also be presented at the July 15 Historic Landmarks Design Review Subcommittee and to the Historic Landmarks Commission in a study session on August 5th. The guidelines are anticipated to be agendized for a Planning Commission public hearing in September, and a City Council public hearing in October. 

Staff Contact: Leila Hakimizadeh

Environmental Services

Reach Code- Extension of Natural Gas Prohibition  

Meeting to discuss staff's recommendation that the prohibition on natural gas connections in new construction be expanded to all building types, with some exemptions, effective June 1, 2021. More info.

Outreach meetings are scheduled for July 22nd (12:00-1:00), July 29th (4:00-5:00), August 5th (12:00-1:00), and August 12th (4:00-5:00).

Work is anticipated to be heard by the City Council on September 15th.

Staff Contacts: Elena Olmedo and Ken Davies - questions can be referred to Please complete the Outreach Notification Form if you'd like to receive updates.

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