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Housing Payment Equality Ordinance Takes Effect

Post Date:10/22/2019 11:01 AM
The Housing Payment Equality Ordinance takes effect today, September 26, 2019. The ordinance prohibits discrimination against housing voucher holders who apply for rental housing in San José.  
The law requires landlords to consider all applicants who have an ability to pay, and to treat all applicants equally throughout the applicant-screening process. The ordinance is intended to expand housing opportunities for voucher holders, many of whom have previously faced discrimination.
The ordinance specifically prohibits the following:
  • Advertising that housing vouchers are not accepted for a rental property;
  • Assessing a rental applicant's ability to pay based on an amount greater than the portion of rent to be paid by the applicant; and
  • Imposing rental terms on voucher holders that differ from terms for rental applicants who do not use housing vouchers.
The ordinance applies to all rental properties in San José. The only exemption is a single-family home when the landlord lives in the home.
If you have any questions about the Housing Payment Equality Ordinance, you may contact the San José Housing Department at 408-975-4480.
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