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City Council Unanimously Approves Mobile Home Development Transition

After years of negotiations with residents of the mobile home park, developers and city staff, an agreement has been reached and the project will move forward

Post Date:01/16/2020

San José, CA. -- On Tuesday, San José City Council unanimously approved the general plan amendment of West San José’s Winchester Ranch Mobile Home Park conversion into an urban residential development. The vote comes after a landmark agreement reached in June of 2019, following extensive negotiations over a two-year period between the developers, Pulte Homes, and Winchester Ranch Senior Homeowners Association (WRSHA), who were represented by the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley. The final agreement achieves a fair and equitable compromise leaving both residents and developer in favor of the outcome.

The conversion, taking place at 555 South Winchester Boulevard near Santana Row, will include the demolition of 111 mobile homes, associated carports, and recreation buildings to make way for the construction of 687 residential units on 15.7 acres. It will also feature the construction of a two-acre neighborhood park with open access for San José residents. 

“With this landmark agreement, we celebrate the persistent spirit of the Winchester Ranch residents, the expert support of the Silicon Valley Law Foundation, the collaboration of Pulte Homes and the Ariosto family, and the hard work of many,” said Mayor Sam Liccardo. “The Winchester Ranch community provides a model for others to protect residents’ homes while making room for the housing that we critically need.”  

The agreement between WRSHA and Pulte Homes, unanimously approved by the residents of Winchester Ranch, features a fair and equitable relocation package funded by Pulte Homes for current residents, including:

  • New, onsite replacement housing at residents’ current rental rates;
  • Interim housing to ease the transition to new replacement housing;
  • Accessibility improvements in replacement housing for disabled residents;
  • Appraised fair market compensation for mobile home purchases;
  • Rent differential subsidy for 24 months, if moving off-site;
  • Moving assistance for residents;
  • Access to a relocation specialist to ease the process; and,
  • Minimum requirements for replacement units measuring 1,200 sf, 2 bedroom and 2 bath homes, two assigned parking spaces, outside storage, private outdoor space, and washer-dryer hookups. 

“The unanimous vote to approve the Winchester Ranch mobile home project was a culmination of years of hard work, compromise, and collaboration that, ultimately, will allow the residents of the park to remain in their community,” said Vice Mayor Chappie Jones. “The efforts of the park residents, Pulte Homes, Arioto family, The Law Foundation, City Staff, and so many others resulted in an outcome that shows what we can accomplish when we work together.” Vice Mayor Jones stated early in the process he would not support any project that came before the residents had a signed agreement with Pulte to ensure their protection.

The project now moves forward with this first of its kind compromise in San José --leaving both residents and developers, satisfied with the outcome. This new development will provide nearly 700 desperately needed housing units in a dense and growing area. 

San José is home to 59 mobile home parks, the most in the state. Winchester Ranch Mobile Home Park is the first conversion of a mobile home park into a residential development in San José. The collaboration between developers, residents, and City staff will serve as an example for future projects setting a high bar for the caliber of development and fair protections for residents, while still providing critically needed housing units. 

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