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NEWS RELEASE: Life-Sized Bead-Covered Dinosaur “Ichiro Sacred Beings” Installed at the Children’s Discovery Museum

New artwork installed as part of Playa to Paseo partnership between the San José Office of Cultural Affairs and Burning Man Project

Post Date:02/04/2020 10:51 AM


Elisabeth Handler, Public Information Manager
Office of Economic Development
(408 535-8168);

Kerry Adams Hapner, Director of Cultural Affairs
(408) 793-4333;

SAN JOSE, Calif. (Feb, 4, 2020) –The City of San José Office of Cultural Affairs and Burning Man Project are pleased to announce the installation of the artwork, Ichiro Sacred Beings, created by Mexico City-based artist Marianela Fuentes in collaboration with Paleontologist Arturo Gonzalez and Huichol Artist Sarahi Carrillo. Installed in front of the Children’s Discovery Museum, located at 180 Woz Way, San Jose, Calif., 95110, the artwork will be on view from February 5, 2020 to November 1, 2020.

Ichiro Sacred Beings, is a life-size replica of a Velafrons Coahuilensis dinosaur skeleton covered in the bead artwork of the indigenous Huichol people. The Velafrons Coahuilensis lived 72 million years ago on the same land now inhabited by the Huichol in the desert of Northeast Mexico.

To the artist team, this artwork reflects the compression of time, in which everything is here and now. The past, represented by the dinosaur skeleton, is bridged by the present, invoked by the geometric patterns of the beadwork, which open a pathway to the future. The connection of past, present, and future points to the profound changes that have taken place in order to give us the opportunity to be here at this moment and changes yet to come.

The Huichol artwork decorating the dinosaur skeleton has prevailed through the ages as a visual record of sacred religious traditions and is used to pass on ancestral wisdom from generation to generation. 

Ichiro Sacred Beings is the seventh artwork to be installed as part of the Playa to Paseo partnership between the Office of Cultural Affairs and Burning Man Project to site temporary artworks in San José. Previous artworks showcased through the series include the high-energy light installation Sonic Runway, the whimsical penny-bear Ursa Mater, the contemplative mechanical female figure Tara Mechani, and the monumental letter installations XO and HaHa, as well as the silver shark fin, No Swimming, currently on view in front of the SAP Center.

“It is through beautiful and intriguing works of public art like Ichiro Sacred Beings that we inspire hearts and minds. It is a delight to share this exquisitely crafted dinosaur skeleton with children and their families at the Children’s Discovery Museum,” says Director of Cultural Affairs Kerry Adams Hapner. 

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About the Artist 
Marianela Fuentes creates thought-provoking artwork that investigates patterns and forms as a way to educate, inspire, and awaken new paths of enlightenment. With a background in the study of psychology and visual arts, Fuentes uses different types of meditation practices in her creative process. Her work is informed by her time in India, where she studied with master craftsmen to learn different fabrication techniques.  Originally from Saltillo Coahuila in the northeast Mexico, Fuentes is inspired by the region’s rich paleontological history.

About Playa to Paseo
The partnership between Burning Man Project and the City of San José is intended to call forth to the San José community and invite participation in imagining the way that art can invigorate public spaces across San José’s 180-square-mile landscape.

About Burning Man Project
Burning Man Project, a nonprofit organization, produces the annual Burning Man event in Black Rock City and works year-round to extend and facilitate the culture that has grown from the event into the larger world. Burning Man Project provides inspiration, connection, education, and grants to a creative ecosystem of builders, makers, artists, and community leaders. Its work spans six interconnected program areas: Art, Education, Civic Involvement, Culture, Philosophical Center, and Social Enterprise. An ever-growing global network supports and furthers these efforts in 44 U.S. states and 37 countries around the world.


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