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Electric Mobility Roadmap plans to lower emissions in San Jose

Post Date:02/07/2020 4:18 PM
electric cars charging

On January 14, we presented our Electric Mobility Roadmap to the City Council. The Roadmap provides direction on how San José can reach key goals for electrifying vehicles. It draws on work the City is doing as part of the American Cities Climate Challenge, and makes recommendations that build on that momentum.

The Roadmap discusses two ways to reduce emissions from passenger vehicles. This is important, because cars and light trucks are our largest source of transportation emissions.

First, the Roadmap lays out strategies to reduce the need to drive alone. These include expanding shared and electric transportation options like public transit, fleet vehicles, and services such as ride-hailing, car-sharing, and micro-mobility (like shared bikes and scooters).

Second, it aims to speed up the adoption of electric vehicles for trips that are usually made with a car, SUV, or truck. Partners like San José Clean Energy are already offering information and help with buying an electric vehicle - a choice that many people don't realize can help save money while saving the planet.

cost per mile per vehicle type

Looking ahead, the Roadmap will be a starting point for a larger five-year Emerging Mobility Action Plan we will start working on soon. We will develop that plan working with the public, especially communities that don’t currently have easy access to new modes of transportation. It will identify ways to make the most of electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and shared mobility to reach our environmental and transportation goals. Stay tuned for more on that effort in summer 2020.

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