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Pavement Update Week of 9/3/18

Post Date:09/03/2018

Twelve San José streets are on the list for pavement maintenance over the next two weeks.

  • McKee Road work will continue with cold-in-place recycling and an overlay of hot asphalt.
  • Plumeria will also undergo cold-in-place recycling, at night, between 9:30 pm and 5:00.
  • Sealing projects, which involve applying a thin layer of asphalt in order to maintain a street, will take place on St. John Street*, San Salvador Street*, 4th Street*, San Fernando Street*, Cahill Street, 22nd Street*, Monferino Drive*, Mabury Road*, Taylor Street*, and two sections of Sierra Road.
  • See table below for project limits.

* These streets are receiving new or enhanced bicycle lanes and other safety treatments as part of the Better BikewaySJ Project.

This year's 100-mile paving season is funded in part by California Senate Bill 1. SB1: Your tax dollars at work rebuilding California.

Click here for a complete map of 2018 paving projects. See below for a schedule and definitions of terms.

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  • Cold-in-Place (CIR) Recycling: The process of removing the existing asphalt surface, mixing the crushed asphalt with a recycling agent, and reapplying the mixture back on the street surface.
  • Micromilling: The process of removing a thin top layer of failing asphalt.
  • Microsurfacing: A thin layer (3/8”) preventative maintenance treatment composed of an oil and crushed rock mixture, used to extend the life of the road.
  • HMA Overlay: Adding Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) back to the street as part of the resurfacing process. Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt, which incorporates recycled tires, is called out in the schedule as RHMA.
  • Remove and Replace: The process of cutting segments of damaged, warped, or collapsed asphalt out of the roadway and filling them back in before resurfacing or sealing begins.
  • Wedge Cut/Conform Cut: Removing the thin portion of the street adjacent to the curb line in order to allow for the smooth application of pavement material to the edge of the street.
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