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If you have questions about the ADU permitting process, please reach out to our ADU
Ally at the Permit Center:

ADU Ally

Parking Requirements and Exemptions

For the ADU, one parking space is required unless the property qualifies for an exemption under State law. Many ADUs qualify for an exemption.

Parking Exemptions for an ADU (Municipal Code 20.30.150.I)

No parking is required for an ADU that meets any of the following criteria.

  1. The ADU is located within .5 mile of a public bus stop or rail station (see, and the path of travel is publicly accessible.

  2. The ADU is part of or within the primary residence or existing accessory building.

  3. The ADU is on a street that requires on-street parking permits, but the permit has not been offered to the occupant of the ADU.

  4. The ADU is located within one block of where a motor vehicle provides hourly and daily service as part of a regional fleet operated by a public agency or publicly-leased motor-vehicle-sharing organization.

  5. The ADU is located within a historic district listed in the City’s Historic Resources Inventory.

What about if I convert my garage? (Municipal Code 20.90.220(B)(2)

As of December 17, 2019, in alignment with new states laws, if a garage is converted to an ADU, the parking spaces no longer must be replaced.