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Phase 3: Launch

Congratulations! You’ve successfully started or expanded your business in San José. Now you may be asking yourself, “What’s next?” 

How do I stay in compliance with City regulations?
Keeping informed is an important step to staying in compliance with City regulations. 


  • For all companies conducting business in the City of San José (including foreign businesses), the City requires business registration within 45 days of operating a business in San José. Business registration must be renewed each year. 
  • Once operating, businesses such as restaurants, food service companies, and dental offices need to comply with annual inspections or permitting. For example, pollution prevention, fire and other inspections are required for restaurants. Dental offices must submit an Annual Report on amalgam waste disposal.

Joining a local professional association or chamber may be a good way to keep current with ongoing requirements for your line of business. Accountants, lawyers, human resources consultants and other experts are available to help owners operate their businesses.

What are my go-to resources once I open or expand my business? 
The City and its business assistance partners can help with continued coaching on such tasks  as hiring, expansion and other business needs.