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Inclusionary Housing Policy in Redevelopment Project Areas (RDA)
Inclusionary Housing Policy

On August 4, 2015, a letter signed by the Interim Director of Housing provides information on implementation of the City's Inclusionary Housing Ordinance

San José’s Inclusionary Policy applies to all new for-sale residential developments with 11 or more units built within redevelopment project areas. For those developments with recorded covenants effectuating the Policy, the Policy continues to apply.  For those for-sale developments meeting requirements in the City Ordinance that do not have recorded covenants effectuating the Policy, the City's Ordinance may apply.  Consult program staff, listed below, with deal-specific questions.

The following materials are provided for developers' use in understanding the City's Inclusionary Policy and how it may apply to their development sites.

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For questions or comments, please contact the Inclusionary Housing () team at 408.975.2647.