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Goal 2: Reduce Per Capita Energy Use by 50%
Reduce Energy Use - Energy Efficiency Comparison San José uses 12.2 billion kilowatt hours of energy each year
Per capita energy use was 10,386 kWh in 2013

Saving Energy and Money Through Conservation and Efficiency 

Kill-A-WattWe've set a goal of reducing per capita energy consumption by half and receiving 100 percent of our electrical power from clean renewable sources by 2022. The City of San José will lead the way, but we can't achieve this goal alone. Residents and businesses will play a significant role in this effort. Doing so will help cut consumption, reduce costs and reduce reliance on fossil help reduce energy consumption and operating expenses. Energy efficiency saves money and is worth the upfront investment.

The City of San José will partner with residents, private sector entrepreneurs, and civic organizations to become more efficient by encouraging the adoption of energy saving products such as, lighting, energy monitoring systems, smart cooling systems and green roofs.

The City will also partner with the United States Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and other organizations to measure its energy consumption and to develop new implementation strategies for efficiencies. As a result of these efforts, we believe that the San José community will reduce its electrical energy consumption by 50 percent per capita by 2022.
Performance Metrics

Per Capita Energy Use

GOAL 2 Per Capita Energy Use

*Note: 2014 electricity usage data is not available from PG&E until July 2015 

View the graph below for an additional metric related to Reduced Energy Use:
Municipal Energy Use  


GOAL 2 Municipal Energy Use