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Goal 6: Recycle or Beneficially Reuse 100% of our Wastewater
Recycled Water - Recycled Water Sign A local, reliable water supply is critical for San José's future as a sustainable and flourishing community

The South Bay Water Recycling Program has helped customers conserve more than 30 billion gallons of drinking water; enough to supply 139,000 households for over 1 year.

Pursuing Recycled Water Solutions to Meet Supply Needs
Cooling Tower Using Recycled WaterAs California grows, the value of a reliable water supply becomes ever more important. We must lead by example by utilizing our precious resources wisely and efficiently. Recycled water has proven to be a valuable resource for irrigation, cooling and manufacturing, and there are many more opportunities to expand these uses.

Today, South Bay Water Recycling recycles about 10.6 million gallons per day, reaching customers through 130 miles of dedicated piping, pumps, and reservoirs. By connecting new users to the recycled water system, San José can double the amount of recycled water delivered to major businesses, City parks and landscaping, and school grounds.

Over the next 15 years, we will achieve our Green Vision Goal 6 by beneficially reusing 100 percent of wastewater that would have otherwise been lost to the Bay - 100 million gallons per day - through a combination of water conservation, expanded use of recycled water, and habitat protection. By making the most of this reliable water source, we will ensure that San José and surrounding communities have a sustainable water supply for future generations.

Performance Metrics

Average Daily Use Recycled Water

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Number of Recycled Water Customers

Number of Recycled Water Customers