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Goal 10: Create 100 Miles of Interconnected Trails
Interconnected Trails - Guadalupe River Trail San José has over 56 miles of trails and over 240 miles of on-street bikeways connecting residential neighborhoods to places of recreation and work

Commuting 20 miles to work in a car produces approximately 2.4 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Paving the Way for MoreTrails and Bikeways
By 2022, the City seeks to further develop and interconnected trails in order to provide a 100-mile network and a 400 mile on-street network to support commuting and recreation. In its current state, a trail or bikeway is within 2 miles of all residents.

This well distributed network of trails and bikeways is one reason why over 50% of persons using the Guadalupe River Trail are commuting to and from work by bicycle. San José’s trails and bikeways offer every resident an opportunity to enjoy nature, travel by bike, avoid automobile traffic, save money on gasoline and reduce pollution.

San José trails are recognized by the Federal Highway Administration for transportation planning excellence. Prevention Magazine annually surveys the nation’s best walking cities and recognizes that San José has the most urban trails. The League of American Bicyclists ranks San José as a bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community. The great weather, access to nature and the high quality of life are primary reasons for businesses to consider locating in San José. The City's well developed trails and bikeways provide a great means for employees to take full advantage of the city's resources as part of a daily commute.

Performance Metrics

Trail Miles Off Street

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   Bikeway Miles (On-Street)  

Bikeway Miles