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Independence Police Auditor - Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of the Independent Police Auditor (IPA) is four-fold: (1) to provide independent oversight of and instill confidence in the complaint process through objective review of police misconduct investigations; (2) to conduct outreach to the San José community; (3) to propose thoughtful policy recommendations to the City Council; and (4) to strengthen the relationship between the San José Police Department and the community it serves.

IPA Advisory Council (IPAAC) - Appointment & Removal

Membership in the IPAAC is restricted to individuals who reside or work in San José, or who have expertise in police oversight. IPAAC members are selected by and serve at the pleasure of the IPA.

IPAAC Functions

The purpose of the IPAAC is to perform the following functions:

  • Promote community awareness of the services offered by the IPA office
  • Inform the IPA office about police-related issues and concerns that arise within the San José community

Independence of the Police Auditor

The IPAAC will operate in a manner that is consistent with IPA independence. According to the San José Municipal Code, Section 8.04.020, the police auditor shall, at all times, be totally independent and requests for further investigations, recommendations and reports shall reflect the views of the police auditor alone.

No person shall attempt to undermine the independence of the police auditor in the performance of the duties and responsibilities set forth in Section 8.04.101.


  • Attendance: The IPAAC will meet four times per year. Attendance at three of the four annual meetings is mandatory.
  • Privacy: Due to the sensitive nature of the IPA’s work, IPAAC members must maintain confidentiality with respect to all data, documents, discussions or other information received in the course of IPAAC service.
  • Tolerance and Respect: IPAAC members are encouraged to actively participate in the quarterly meetings. Members are expected to be receptive to the perspectives of all members and to treat one another with civility and respect.
  • Voluntary Service: There is no compensation for service as a member of the IPAAC.
  • Advisory Nature: The IPAAC is purely advisory in nature. IPAAC members may not represent themselves as speaking for or on behalf of the IPA, IPA Office, or the IPAAC.