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Audit Process

Issues Reviewed During IPA Audit

Timeliness / Tolling

  • Was the investigation completed in a timely manner?


  • Was the case properly classified?

Presence / Absence of Allegations

  • Do the listed allegations adequately capture the concerns voiced by complainant?
  • Were any allegations removed? If so, why?

Presence / Absence of Supporting Documentation

  • If pertinent, did the investigator obtain and review documentation such as:
    • CAD (SJPD Computer Aided Dispatch logs)
    • Medical records
    • Photographs
    • Police reports/citations
    • Taser downloads
    • Use of force response reports

Presence / Absence of Interviews Conducted by Internal Affairs

  • Witnesses – what efforts were taken to identify and contact witnesses?
  • Witness officers – what efforts were taken to identify and interview officers who witnessed the incident?
  • Subject officers – what efforts were taken to identify and interview subject officers?

Presence / Absence of Logical,Objective Application of Policy to the Facts

  • What is the policy/Duty Manual section that governs the conduct in question?
  • Is this authority applicable to the case or is other authority more pertinent?
  • Does the analysis apply all the factors set forth in the authority to the facts

Presence / Absence of Objective Weighing of Evidence

  • What weight was given to officer testimony? Why?
  • What weight was given to civilian testimony? Why?
  • Does the analysis use a preponderance standard?
  • Does the analysis logically address discrepancies?