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Staff Directory

Team Member Title Contact Information
Business Development
Christopher Burton Manager (408) 535-8114
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Nathan Donato-Weinstein Business Development Officer (408) 535-8178
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Victor Farlie

Senior Executive Analyst (408) 535-8230
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Emily Lipoma Development Facilitation Officer  (408) 535-7903
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 Jerad Ferguson

 Housing Catalyst

 (408) 535-8176

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Bige Yilmaz

Economic Data Analyst (408) 535-4835
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Blage Zelalich Manager (408) 535-8172
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Salvador Alvarez Executive Analyst (408) 535-6943
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Elisabeth Handler Public Information Officer

(408) 535-8168

(408) 599-9567 Mobile
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International Programs
Joe Hedges Manager (408) 7535-8186
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Real Estate
Nanci Klein Director of Real Estate, Assistant Director, OED (408) 535-8184
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Loren Haley Real Estate Development Manager (408) 793-5508
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Kevin Ice

Assistant to the City Manager 

 (408) 535-8197

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Bill Ekern Diridon Project Manager (408) 535-7637
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Lori Severino Community Engagement Project Manager

(408) 535-3537

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Tara Reid Assistant to Director of Real Estate

(408) 535-8182

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Small Business & Workforce
Jeff Ruster Director of Strategic Partnerships

(408) 535-8183

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 Kim Walesh  Director of Economic Development


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 Isela Chaparro  Assistant to Director


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