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Homelessness in D2

Homeless concerns and services

For concerns related to homelessness and encampments in your community, please call 408-975-1440 or email Housing Department staff will respond to inquiries within three business days to 1) acknowledge receipt of the concern, and 2) collect any additional details needed. An outreach team will then be deployed to assess the situation, offer services to homeless individuals in the area, and determine the next steps to resolve the reported concern. 

If you are homeless and seeking help, please contact the Homeless Helpline at 408-510-7600 or The Helpline is operated by HomeFirst

Visit the City of San José's Housing Department website for more information about Homeless Services such as: Shelters & Overnight Warming, Bridge (temporary) Housing, Rapid Rehousing, Safe Parking Program, Homeless Resource Guide, and more. 


The City of San Jose's Safe Parking Program

People deserve a safe environment to sleep. In 2019, over 6,000 people were counted as experiencing homelessness in San José on any given night and over 1,000 of them sleep in their vehicles.

On May 15, 2019, the City of San José opened a Safe & Supportive Parking program at Southside Community Center to provide a space where homeless individuals living in their vehicles can park and sleep overnight. The program is overseen by the nonprofit Life Moves, which is responsible for providing services, security, trash disposal, and more at the designated Safe Parking sites. The organization will also help families find jobs and housing.

Through this program, we are taking steps to ensure a sense of stability for families and individuals living in their cars as we address our city’s homeless crisis.

If you know anyone who could benefit from the Safe & Supportive Parking program, please email or call 669-238-6193 for more information about resources and program eligibility.


About the City's Incidental Shelter Ordinance and how you can get involved: The City of San José developed a Safe Parking Ordinance that allows private property owners to designate their parking areas in places of assembly for safe parking. The ordinance approved by City Council in February 2019 included amendments to the Municipal Code, specifically to Title 20 of the San José Municipal Code (Zoning Code). The property owner does not need to obtain a permit and may design operations from hours, type of vehicles, and target population. If you are a property owner and interested in partnering with the City of San José on this important endeavor, please contact Lorena Diez with the City of San José’s Homelessness Response Team at (408) 975-4456 or for more information.