Updates on City of San José Services and/or Operations . (English | Español | Tiếng Việt | 中文)

Councilmember Carrasco Memos

Subject Date Link
Support for Immigrant services 1/13/2015
Place based encampment and Temp housing 4/7/2015
Land Use Study 4/14/2015
GP15-008 5/12/2015
Agreement with Sharks 5/19/2015
Salary Support for Immigrant services 5/19/2015
PRNS cost recovery fee 6/2/2015
SJSU Hammer Theatre reuse agreement 6/9/2015
Conditional use permit 6/23/2015
Conditional use permit 8/11/2015
Apartment rent Ordinance workplan 9/1/2015
Actions related to Lake Cunningham Bike 9/1/2015
Minimum Wage 9/15/2015
Audit of Curbside Recycle 9/15/2015
Saint James Park Revitalization 11/6/2015
Golf Course audit 11/17/2015
Regional Responses 12/1/2015
Proposed ne air services support prog 12/15/2015
North San Jose Traffic Ext 12/15/2015
Include Public Art projects in private Dev. 12/8/2015
Acquisition of Plaza Hotel for Homeless housing 12/15/2015
Amendments to the GP 10/27/2015
2016 Legislative priorities and intergovernmental Relations 1/12/2016
Coleman Soccer Field Complex 1/12/2016
Recycle Plus Curbside 1/12/2016
Update on the Levitt Pavilion Steering Committee 1/26/2016
Appeals of the Planning Commission 1/26/2016
Tech Dept. Audit 4/5/2016
2014/2015 Annual Report anti-graffitti 5/3/2016
Resolution to ban all nonessential city travel 5/17/2016
Actions to reducing economic barriers to Library access 5/17/2016
Wage theft prevention 5/24/2016
General Plan Amendment 6/14/2016
East Side High school District community WIFI 6/28/2016
PD-Rezoning for 3161 9/20/2016
Update to Medical Merjuana 10/18/2016
Minmun Wage 11/15/2016
Coordinated response to Immigrant needs 1/10/2017
641 North Capitol ave 1/10/2017
15/16 Report of anti-graffiti and antilitter prog 2/14/2017
Extension of Exclusive negotiationsagreement of Parkside 4/25/2017
Analysis of impediments to fair housing choice 4/25/2017
Action related to mobilehome Park Closure 5/16/2017
Establish SJ clean energy 5/16/2017
Greyhoun dev. Permit approval 5/23/2017
Agreement with google for acquisition and development in the Dridon station area 6/20/2017
Coyote creek flood after action review and improvementrec 8/8/2017
Office of emergency services assessment and rec report 8/8/2017
Museum place development approval 8/29/2017
Action related to AB2176 Bridge housing 8/29/2017
BART Phase II Priorities and Prefered alter. 9/19/2017
Relocation of Christopher Colombus statue 1/30/2018
Airport AD Hoc advisory Committee on south flow 1/23/2018
Amendment for Zoning district 6/19/2018
Santa Clara/Santa Cruz Airport Roundtable 8/14/2018
Vahicle Abatement Audit 10/2/2018
Berryessa Urban Village 10/24/2018
Commercial Linkage Fee 12/11/2018
Audit of Towing services: Changes to contract terms and consolidated oversight could improve 1/15/2019

 ADU/Garage Conversion Amenesty 9/27/2019
 eBay Revenue Capture Agreement 9/27/2019
 Climate Emergency 9/19/2019