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Futuro de Alum Rock

Alum Rock Urban Village 

The Futuro de Alum Rock is a planning effort to develop and advocate a community vision for the Alum Rock corridor and a revised Urban Village plan; to recruit a team of advocates who can represent the community's interests with developers and the city, and who will proactively keep the community informed about upcoming developments in the community. 

Upcoming Meetings: All meeting in City will be canceled until further notice due to Corona Virus. 

To review the fall report on the Alum Rock Urban Village, click HERE. 


Understanding Commercial Lease Agreements 

 Date And Time

Tue, October 15, 2019

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM PDT

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School of Arts and Culture @ Mexican Heritage Plaza

1700 Alum Rock Avenue

San Jose, CA 95116

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Join ARSCSBA and Start Small, Think Big and the City of San Jose for this FREE workshop:

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Displacement of Local Family Owned Small Business is the most pressing issue in our area. Therefore, it is of extreme importance for small businesses to understand their current leases. This workshop will include discussions about the special vocabulary of commercial leases and the rights of a commercial tenant in the Bay Area, with a focus on retail and office leases.Attendees will also learn about resources provided by the Alum Rock Santa Clara Street Business Association, the City of San Jose and other key partners.


El desplazamiento de Pequeñas Empresas Familiares Locales es el problema más apremiante en nuestra área. Por lo tanto, es de extrema importancia que las pequeñas empresas comprendan sus contratos de renta actuales.Este taller incluirá discusiones sobre el vocabulario especial de los contratos de renta comerciales y los derechos de un inquilino comercial en el Área de la Bahía, con un enfoque en arrendamientos comerciales y de oficinas.Los asistentes también aprenderán sobre los recursos proporcionados por la Asociación de Negocios de Alum Rock Santa Clara Street, la Ciudad de San José y otros socios clave.


Past Meetings: 

Futuro De Alum Rock Kick-Off 

Meeting Held: Saturday May 18, 2019 10 a.m.-1:30 p.m. 
Mexican Heritage Plaza 
Attendees: 150
A community-based effort to shape the future growth of Alum Rock. Learn about issued affecting development and displacement along Alum Rock and how you can get involved. 

Budget Document Submitted: May 22, 2019 

Mayor's Budget Message - Recommendation for Project & Alum Rock Storefront Activation 

Cultivating a Community-Owned Vision for East San Jose Neighborhoods

With American cities facing a growth problem resulting from urban centers that are experiencing rapid development and investment, there needs to be more community input and voices that align with community planning priorities. 

Several organizations including the office of Councilwoman Carrasco, SOMOS Mayfair, Alum Rock Santa Clara Street Business Association, and AARP are committed to making this a reality. With the help of CommUniverCity there would be a development of a community assessment and a neighborhood improvement plan. If funded this work would be coordinate by CommUniverCity SJSU in partnership with faculty from the University’s Urban and Regional Planning Department. The plan is that during the fall of 2019, Rick Kos, a certified planner will lead a team of 15-18 graduate students to conduct a community assessment of the area. 

This assessment will comprehensively document current conditions on the study area as a platform for the next phase of work in Spring 2020: community visioning and neighborhood plan development. The assessment will likely include such topics as demographics trend analysis, neighborhood amenities and strengths, mapping of key neighborhood sites, interviews with community stakeholders, and a public “open house” late in November or December of 2019 to verify preliminary findings with attendees.

In spring of 2020, a new graduate student team under Mr. Kos’s direction will build upon the assessment to look forward: identifying the community’s top priorities and producing a professional-grade neighborhood improvement plan. It is anticipated that the finished plan will serve as a resource for community leaders to use when advocating for their needs in the study area, 

Through this project, CommUniverCity will help the community better understand the area’s issues, assets, and priorities and better understand how to engage in the community planning process. This project will leverage existing partnerships with Councilmember Carrasco’s office, SOMOS Mayfair, AARP, and the Alum Rock Urban Village advocates already have and connect them with urban planning expertise. This project’s main outcomes will be to educate the community and the community-based organization staff who support them on planning and development topics that affect them and increase their capacity to identify and advocate for their priorities. 

Timeline The Mayor will review all Council budget requests which will be eventually uploaded to The Mayor will release his updated budget message on May 31st which will include his recommendations regarding the Council’s requests. The approval or not of the Mayor’s budget message is on June 11th. If the CM would like to see request move forward that Is not recommended this is the time for us to develop memo’s and get support from our colleagues. This is also the meeting for advocates to come out and make their case. 

Alum Rock Storefront Activation 

A small business owner occupying a ground floor retail space may be reimbursed up to $10,000 for City fees and permits, materials, furnishings, fixtures, and equipment for exterior improvements that enhance or enliven their store front.

Funding for this program is exhausted early in the fiscal year with a waiting list of applicants. This funding should be applied just for the Alum Rock Business District to ensure businesses that want to stay on the Alum Rock Corridor but must rebrand their business have city assistance. Businesses are being displaced at a higher rate in this corridor due to development. The market will be shifting in this neighborhood which can be an opportunity for small businesses to capitalize on this opportunity. With the proper investment we can create a thriving business community that serves current and future residents.

Budget Decision Milestones

May 8-10 City Council Study Sessions on 2019- 2020 Proposed Budgets
May 14/June 10 Public Hearings on the 2019-2020 Proposed Budgets and Fees and Charges
May 31, 2019-2020, Mayor’s June Budget Message Released
June 11 City Council Review and Approval of the 2019-2020 Mayor’s June Budget Message
June 18 Adoption of the 2019-2020 Capital and Operating Budgets, 2020-2024 Capital Improvement Program, and the 2019- 2020 Fees and Charges

News Coverage 

San Jose: Lawmaker calls for public discussion about displacement

San Jose: Major Alum Rock development spurred by unusual zoning law

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