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The Autumn Parkway Street Extension Project constructed rain gardens along a new roadway that extended Autumn Parkway from Coleman Avenue to West Julian Street. This project completed a missing section of the existing Guadalupe River Trail, creating approximately 2,600 square feet of bioretention rain gardens. The project treats approximately 40,000 square feet of impervious surface.

Specific Design Features:

  • Rain gardens

Water Quality Benefits:

  • Major source of sediment eliminated
  • Pollutants, such as oil and grease from cars, filtered from runoff on site

Neighborhood Improvement Benefits:

  • Guadalupe River Trail connection
  • New streets with proper drainage
  • Increased green space

Protecting Our Watersheds

A watershed is a land area that drains water into a creek, river, lake, or bay. The Guadalupe Watershed is one of the largest watersheds in Santa Clara County and has been identified as a priority watershed due to poor water quality from urban runoff and other pollutants. The Autumn Parkway Street Extension project is located next to the Guadalupe River, which flows through downtown San José and into the San Francisco Bay. This project showcases a cost-effective stormwater management retrofit that benefits the community and the watershed.

Autumn Parkway Street Extension is a Project of:

City of San José – Provided project design and construction for this project.